Tai Chi
December 10 (Tuesday) at 6:00 pm

Daniel Lindholm
Class length
1 hour 15 minutes
Students will be introduced to the Kwang Ping Form of Tai Chi which was first developed in the Shaolin Temple in China. Students will learn the history and philosophy of the practice of Tai Chi as a meditation in motion and will be taken through a short form of the practice.
Tai Chi is an internal martial art noted for its health benefits and defense training.  The words Tai Chi refer to the philosophy of yin and yang as it relates to the expansive and contractive movements in the practice of the form.

The purpose of Tai Chi is to integrate the mind and body to act as one; the controlled  breathing joined with the gentle movements of the form  generate internal energy or Chi. The mindfulness of the meditation in movement lends itself to  increased flexibility and balance which leads to the student’s serenity and calm.  The benefits of Tai Chi practice range from less anxiety and stress to increased stamina, aerobic capacity, balance and agility. It’s soft, low impact movements aid in stress reduction and lends itself to physical, mental and emotional healing and wellbeing.

Daniel has been a Tai Chi practitioner and teacher for over forty years.

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