Mindful Yin Yoga Series-MEMBERS

Our lives are busy! It is so easy to become overwhelmed and sometimes anxious by the past, the future, and all of the what-ifs of life. 

Step away from the busy and anxious mind and give yourself permission to settle into stillness with a yoga practice that combines Yin postures with mindfulness techniques. 

Yin yoga is a passive practice which compliments the yang (active, strength and stamina-based) yoga practice. In this four week series, explore the benefits of long held postures (3-7 minutes). These longer held postures stretch connective tissue around your joints and fascia throughout the body to increase circulation, improve flexibility, and free up stagnant energy. 

With an emphasis on physical stillness, the Yin Yoga practice presents many opportunities to practice mindfulness techniques (which will be introduced throughout class) making this series a holistic practice. 

Leave physical tensions behind and find joy in the process of becoming more aware and present of your body, mind, and emotions. 

$40 for the series- $32 for members 

Taught by Val Aerni

*Minimum interest required



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